California and Me is just one feature of an eclectic collection of singles heard on their recent Ep The Hypnotist Collection. Their flair for classic nostalgia bears some dense arrangements, and offers them big potential on a festival circuit in need of new heroes. ”

The Wild is Calling , Music Blogger

This track is an emotional and bewitching composition that is able to capture the listener with its life -giving sound vibrations. The musical palette is exciting and has a brilliant atmosphere! The sophisticated sound and vocals make the track a multifaceted work in discography -Lady anemoia and a multidimensional work for all times.” -, California and Me

It’s a very organic-sounding composition with a pleasant throwback feel and an engrossing vibrancy. The lively guitar and harmonica flourish over the bouncy bass and light drums. The captivating vocal performance adds a lot of character and natural appeal to it. The entire record offers even more dynamic gems as well as heartfelt ballads, so make sure to give it a listen. ” - About: Time and Time Again

Tonic Grain, Music Blogger