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Lady Anemoia

Lady Anemoia is a five-piece folk/rock band located in Worcester county Massachusetts.

With an ethereal front woman backed by a group of eclectic young men, this band has been described by many as a gateway back to the 1960's and 70's folk rock scene. With many different influences among each member, Lady Anemoia is able to grab from an array of genres to create a unique,  yet nostalgic sound. 

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Press / Reviews

 “Let Lady Anemoia bring you back to the era of nostalgia with their latest single “Legacy”. This single has hints of the 90s Alt Rock scene with its lively acoustic guitar strumming and blissful female vocals. There is an enjoyable melody coupled with memorable lyrics about a past never forgotten. It is such a spirited track to lay back and relax to this weekend!”

Ai Love Music Blog (Legacy)

(February 26, 2022 V7)

 “This group has a profound fondness for music and stories of a bygone era and have taken those influences and sounds and infused them with a modern instrumentation” 

 Valleys- “ builds from this sweeping and nostalgic Indie Americana ballad into a dreamy Folk/pop jam.”

92.5 The River, Boston.

Homegrown Showcase 7/11/22 





“Open your wings and fly with "Lady Anemoia" and her high level vocal performance. Our favorite Folk sound presented in a very warm way. Free your fantasy and reinforce your spirit with the suitable sound vibrations.” (Ghost)



"Join Lady Anemoia in a song of independent spirit and feel free with its Folk sound. Lyrics of confidence, lovely acoustic instrumentation and cool atmosphere . Best to listen with a cup of tea while imagining your favorite place in the wild countryside." (Valleys)


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