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The Hypnotist Collection

Lady Anemoia’s sophomore album, The Hypnotist Collection brings forth a new perspective on a life a lot of us may have never known. Inspired by lines from Bob Dylan's song "She Belongs to Me," this album focuses on the pivotal moments an artist experiences in their day-to-day life. Everything we encounter as human beings can lead to some kind of monumental realization that changes our course of direction. This album follows the timeline of a lost artist going through a major turning point that directs them closer to what is meant for them. In addition to the nostalgic feel of the songs, they are all inspired heavily by early 1900's carnival life; moving to a new city, longing to see the future, calling out for help, and having to come to terms with whatever fate is brought forth. Time is what leads us to destiny, and without the push of hard times the triumphant end may never see daylight. To be put simply: life is all about winning and failing. The Hypnotist Collection is a collection of misfit songs that piece themselves together to tell the story of a lost woman in the early 1900's whose only desire is to leave behind an old life, and make a name for herself. What she does with this new life awaits within the songs. 


California and Me is just one feature of an eclectic collection of singles heard on their recent Ep The Hypnotist Collection. Their flair for classic nostalgia bears some dense arrangements, and offers them big potential on a festival circuit in need of new heroes. ”

The Wild is Calling Me, Music Blog

Lady Anemoia’s EP, The Hypnotist Collection, invites us on a journey through time and space, intertwining nostalgia, introspection, and transformative experiences. With their evocative soundscapes and poetic lyrics, Lady Anemoia proves that music has the power to transcend eras, touch our souls, and inspire us to embrace the path that lies ahead.” - RTP

Rock the Pigeon

It’s a very organic-sounding composition with a pleasant throwback feel and an engrossing vibrancy. The lively guitar and harmonica flourish over the bouncy bass and light drums. The captivating vocal performance adds a lot of character and natural appeal to it. The entire record offers even more dynamic gems as well as heartfelt ballads, so make sure to give it a listen. ” - About: Time and Time Again

Tonic Grain, Music Blog

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